Unveiling the Secrets of Magic: A Profound Journey with Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi

In this video

Join Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi for a compelling 10-part video series as we dig into the complex subject of magic (Sihr) and its tremendous influence on individuals and society. Each seven-minute episode delves into theological knowledge surrounding magic, giving light on its use and refuting prevalent myths. Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi walks us through the necessity of rectifying one’s beliefs and realizing the genuine nature of worship, drawing on “The Book of Theology” and real-life experiences. Discover some people’s ideas about the negative effects of magic, its impact on relationships, politics, and Islamic scholars’ perspectives. Learn why people seek miraculous remedies and the role of Allah’s will in protecting them from danger.

Join us on this enlightening journey to expand your understanding of magic and its intricate place in the world.

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