Unveiling the Secrets of Magic: A Profound Journey with Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi (Part 2 of 10)

Welcome to Part 2 of our profound journey with the esteemed Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, as we unveil the secrets of magic. With his vast knowledge as a Ph.D. holder in Usulil Fiqhu, a professional medical doctor, and a retired Colonel from the Nigerian Army, Sheikh Gumi brings unparalleled insights to this eye-opening discussion.

In this captivating video, Sheikh Gumi takes us deeper into the Quranic verse (Q2.102) that strongly admonishes practicing magic and its implications for the Hereafter. Building on the previous video’s foundation, the speaker further elucidates the consequences of engaging in forbidden magic, particularly for those who learn it from the Jews.

As we journey together, Sheikh Gumi uses real-life examples to expose the deceptive nature of magic tricks masterfully. Referencing a viral video where an Indian claims a Moringa tree generates electrical energy, the presenter skillfully reveals the trick behind the illusion, underscoring the importance of distinguishing between truth and fantasy.

Throughout this second installment, the esteemed scholar delves into the various forms of black magic and the tactics some practitioners use to manipulate religious texts to create confusion in people’s minds. The message remains resolute: practicing magic goes against the fundamental teachings of Islam, with severe consequences for those involved.

Sheikh Gumi emphasizes the ethical use of such acts, devoid of harm or deception towards others, acknowledging the role of magic for entertainment. Only in exceptional cases, where the demonstration reaffirms the power of Allah, should such acts be considered permissible.

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