This video clip captured what transpired between Sheikh Dr Ahmad Gumi and Reverend Isa El-Buba during his visit to the Sheikh’s residence in Kaduna.

The Reverend who visited the Sheikh on Thursday 18th September 2019 said they came to Malam’s house purposefully to commend him on his tremendous effort towards enlightenment of the Nigerian people on how to coexist in peace and harmony.

The Reverend stated that Nigeria has very few people like Sheikh Gumi who would say the truth without fear or favour. In his response, the Sheikh thanked Rev El-Buba for his visit and promised to support him on his mission to enlighten the general public to achieve a lasting peace with one another. He urged him to work with a politician so that the goal can be achieved.

He talked about how this government that claimed to be fighting corruption failed woefully. He touched on a number of issues: How the economy was damaged by the government and will take almost 40 years to recover. How the 2019 election became the worst election ever conducted in this country. How Northern Nigeria and Northerners are being used by Southern Nigeria in achieving their selfish interest. How to eradicate poverty in Northern Nigeria by educating the masses.

In the end, he urges the Reverend to talk to the Northern Christian leadership to appreciate the fact that the government has to support Muslim Scholars in teaching the Muslims at least the basic Islamic knowledge because those that usually kidnap for ransom are completely ignorant of the teaching of the Islamic religion; most of them cannot even recite correctly the Fatiha in the Holy Qur’an.

Arguing that a knowledgeable Muslim, with at least basic Islamic knowledge, will never harm anyone; likewise, a knowledgeable Christian will not harm anybody because the two religions promote peace not war with one another.

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